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Rethinking Neuroprotection in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: Toward Bedside Neuroprotection

Summer is in its last month so it’s time to get back to the NeuroScand grind. And we do so with this article by Zoerle and colleagues (among whom we can count Dr. Nino Stocchetti), published in July in Frontiers in Neurology. “Rethinking Neuroprotection in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: Toward Bedside Neuroprotection” starts off by going through the history of TBI-related neuroprotective strategies, then looks at preclinical research findings and finally sums up by examining our current practice in a critical light.

The article provides a fine synopsis of how, and with what evidence-base, we treat our TBI patients. It also highlights many of the controversies and short-comings that surround many (if not all) concepts in neuroprotection.

The authors conclude by stating what we all sort of know and suspect, that there is no magic bullet on the horizon to predictably and consistently protect the injured and at-risk brain. What we can provide our patients, however, is high-quality bedside neuroprotection by comprehensive and targeted neurointensive care. As the authors point out, this protection may be relatively modest but it is still measurably effective.

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