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Neuroanaesthesia Special in the October Edition of Current Opinion in Anaesthesiology

This month’s edition of Current Opinion in Anaesthesiology is replete with neuro-topics, ranging from awake craniotomy to complex spinal surgery and anaesthesia for stroke thrombectomy. Well worth a read, this collection of articles provides (often excellent) summaries of evidence and current practice in numerous fields relevant to the neuroanaesthetist.

Analgaesia · Cervical Spine Surgery · Neuroanaesthesia · Perioperative Management · Pharmacology · Thoracolumbar Spine Surgery

Gabapentin and Spinal Surgery – a Meta-analysis

Christmas and New Years is usually fairly dormant in terms of publications, but a few worth mentioning have surfaced. This recent meta-analysis of gabapentin as an analgaesic adjunct in spinal surgery was published in Pain Physician by Han et al. The group included 10 trials, covering 827 patients, and found significantly reduced postoperative morphine consumption,… Continue reading Gabapentin and Spinal Surgery – a Meta-analysis