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New Article in PLOS: Reevaluating CT Scoring Systems for TBI

In this article Swedish and Finnish colleagues (Thelin et al) look at current scoring systems for CT imaging in TBI patients. Most older systems in use today seem to be increasingly outdated and are limited in their diagnostic and prognostic accuracy. It is the latter the authors seem to focus on in this observational multicenter study, where they evaluate the prognostic value of more novel scoring systems as the Helsinki and Stockholm scores.

They find that these two systems correlate better with patient outcomes than older systems, such as the Marshall and Rotterdam scores (which, admittedly, I have a rather superficial understanding of). The higher degree of weighting of tSAH components of intracranial injuries seems to proved increased accuracy in prognostication. Well worth a read if you’re as hazy on neuroimaging and CT scoring as I am.

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