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Awake Craniotomy: Useful Resources

Here’s a few resources on anaesthesia for awake craniotomies that have recently come to our attention, thanks to some of our colleagues: The first, from UpToDate, was updated this year. The second is part of the British Journal of Anaesthesia’s Continuing Education in Anaesthesia Critical Care & Pain series. It dates back to 2013 but is still… Continue reading Awake Craniotomy: Useful Resources

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Roc or Sux in RSI of TBI Patients?

Retrospective cohort study by Patanwala and colleagues including 233 head injured patients that required RSI with either rocuronium or suxamethonium. The results reveal that sux was associated with increased mortality in the most severely injured subset, compared with roc. In patients with less severe injury there was no significant difference between the two NMBs. Interesting… Continue reading Roc or Sux in RSI of TBI Patients?

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Cochrane Review – Barbiturates for acute traumatic brain injury

The latest version of a Cochrane review of barbiturate therapy for ICP-management. “There is no evidence that barbiturate therapy in patients with acute severe head injury improves outcome. Barbiturate therapy results in a fall in blood pressure in one in four patients. This hypotensive effect will offset any ICP lowering effect on cerebral perfusion pressure”… Continue reading Cochrane Review – Barbiturates for acute traumatic brain injury