What is NeuroScand all about?

NeuroScand is an informal resource site for neuroanaesthetists and critical care clinicians. We have our base in Scandinavia, but are open to interested readers and contributors anywhere.

Closeup of a CT scan with brain

Our aim is to provide easy access to resources in the form of published research, guidelines, reviews, case reports, blogposts, impulses from congresses and insightful comments. We want to encourage the exchange of relevant information, ideas and experiences between clinicians working in the neuro-field, as well as to open up a forum for discussion.

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NNC2019 is kicking off right now! Follow the conference on Twitter via @neuro_scand and @nnc2019. Use the hashtag #NNC2019 to join the conversation.

NeuroScand is a work in progress and values your input. We constantly try to keep this site updated with the help of our ever expanding group of contributing colleagues. To keep updated on published material read our latest posts.

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