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New Norwegian Prehospital Spinal Injury Guidelines

Just published in the Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine as an open-access article: The Norwegian guidelines for the prehospital management of adult trauma patients with potential spinal injury by Kornhall et al. The result of a critical review of the available evidence by a multidisciplinary group of clinicians, these guidelines wrestle with many of… Continue reading New Norwegian Prehospital Spinal Injury Guidelines

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A Few Handy Resources on Airway Management

Patients with head- and neck injuries can have challenging airways. We often use videolaryngoscopes or flexible fibrescopes (single use scope) when performing intubation in such patients. Our colleagues in Copenhagen have put together a useful website with videos and other learning resources on that subject. They also arrange an annual  two-day airway course with a very extensive workshop. Read more… Continue reading A Few Handy Resources on Airway Management

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Methylprednisolone and SCI

“… findings support current guidelines against routine use, but strong recommendations are not warranted because confidence in the effect estimates is limited.” Methylprednisolone for the Treatment of Patients with Acute Spinal Cord Injuries: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Evaniew et al. Journal of Neurotrauma, Feb. 2016. Link to the abstract here.