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EEG and Oxygenation in Acute Brain Injury

Really interesting article in the latest issue of JAMA Neurology: Specific EEG changes, known as periodic discharges (PDs), seem to be of value in predicting brain tissue hypoxia in vulnerable patients with acute brain injury. In this investigation, Witsch and colleagues included 90 patients with high-grade subarachnoid haemorrhage and monitored them with continuous EEG in addition to… Continue reading EEG and Oxygenation in Acute Brain Injury

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Introduction to Intraoperative EEG Monitoring – A Starter´s Guide by ICETAP

Ivan came across this very useful and reasonably understandable introduction to EEG monitoring for anaesthetic use. It´s put together by the guys at ICETAP (International Consortium for EEG Training of Anesthesia Practitioners). It´s part of a series of tutorials on all things EEG for complete novices.