A few words about NeuroScand…

NeuroScand is a website based in Scandinavia. It is the result of a desire to collect relevant and useful information for and by clinicians and researchers working in the field of neuroanaesthesia and critical care. Our aim is to provide easy access to resources in the form of published research, guidelines, reviews, case reports, blogposts and insightful comments. We wish to encourage the exchange of relevant information, ideas and experiences between clinicians working in the neuro-field, as well as to open up a forum for discussion.

NeuroScand was conceived in 2015 by a group of anaesthetists working in Norway. It came to light as a response to the paucity of an easily accessible, concise and reliable source of information concerning the field of neuroanaesthesia and intensive care medicine.

Although we try to collect and categorize sources of useful information to the best of our ability, we cannot guarantee that the content featured here is free of inherent errors, omissions or inconsistencies. Nor can we assume responsibility for comments made by contributors to this site. We urge all our colleagues to use their own clinical judgement when using our website.

A website is only as good as its content. That´s why we encourage you to suggest material you feel has a place here. We wish to provide a base for doctors and nurses within our field of work to comment freely on the material found here. Contributions and comments are welcome.

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