Suggested Reading


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Cottrell and Young´s Neuroanesthesia 2010, 5th ed.

All there is to know… Written in 2010 and already 6 years old. Still widely considered the gold-standard teaching text in neuroanaesthesia.


Miller´s Anesthesia, 2015, 8th ed.

Chapter 17 Cerebral Physiology and the Effects of Anesthetic Drugs

Chapter 70 Anesthesia for Neurologic Surgery.

Nice overview on anaesthetic drugs and their effect on the brain.


Neuroanaesthesia, 2011, Oxford University Press. Nathanson, Moppett, Wiles (Ed.)

This handbook presents systematically the most important issues in neuroanaesthesiology.


A Practical Approach to Neuroanesthesia, 2013. Paul Mongan

This book provides updated information on neuroanaesthesiology and neuroradiological procedures.