Airway Management · Cervical Spine Injury · Traumatic Brain Injury

A Few Handy Resources on Airway Management

Patients with head- and neck injuries can have challenging airways. We often use videolaryngoscopes or flexible fibrescopes (single use scope) when performing intubation in such patients.

Our colleagues in Copenhagen have put together a useful website with videos and other learning resources on that subject. They also arrange an annual  two-day airway course with a very extensive workshop. Read more here.

For other airway tips, listen to Scott Weingart and his podcast Rapid Sequence Awake – An awake intubation update (july 29, 2016).

At you can read about regional and topical anesthesia for endotracheal intubation (last update august 2013). Also take a look at UpToDate: Flexible Scope intubation for anesthesia (last update Nov. 16).

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