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Cochrane Review – The Lund concept for severe traumatic brain injury

Published in 2013 this Cochrane Review of the Lund Concept for Severe Traumatic Brain Injury by Muzevic and Splavski could not find any high-grade evidence to support the practice associated with this concept.

“There was no evidence from randomised controlled trials on the effe cts of the Lund concept in the management of severe traumatic brain injury. This treatment should not be used outside of a randomised controlled trial because its effects are not known”
They also arrived at the following conclusion:
“Randomised controlled trials could be designed to compare thLund concept to other treatment strategies in the management of severe traumatic brain injury”
There are, however, two RCTs of interest that employ somewhat modified versions of the Lund Concept. They both show favourable outcomes for the Lund cohort. These were not included in the Cochrane article but are cited in Koskinen´s 2014 review:

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