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Anticoagulants and Neurosurgery – What´s Your Policy?

On behalf of our colleague Dr. Ann-Christine Lindroos of Töölö Hospital in Helsinki, Finland we´d like to solicit your opinion on the discontinuation of anticoagulant medication in neurosurgical practice. We´d love to hear from as many of our colleagues as possible. Feel free to comment below and share your institution´s policy with NeuroScand users.

In Dr. Lindroos´own words:

“Dear all,

I would like to hear about  the practice in your institutions of disconnecting anticoagulation medication in neurosurgical patients scheduled for a) elective surgery or b) interventional neuroradiology such as coiling of aneurysm or brain arteriovenous malformations.

Best regards,

Ann-Christine Lindroos, Töölö Hospital, Helsinki, Finland”


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