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CRASH Trial on Steroids and TBI

Well known and must-read paper on the use of steroid cover in TBI patients. It is by far the largest trial on this subject and still forms the basis for today’s recommendations that steroids not be used in this patient group. Published in the Lancet 2005.

“The risk of death was higher in the corticosteroid group than in the placebo group (1248 [25·7%] vs 1075 [22·3%] deaths; relative risk 1·15, 95% CI 1·07–1·24; p=0·0001), as was the risk of death or severe disability (1828 [38·1%] vs 1728 [36·3%] dead or severely disabled; 1·05, 0·99–1·10; p=0·079)”

Find the abstract here:

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