Paediatric Glasgow Coma Scale

By convention used primarily for assessment of children <5 years of age.

Best eye response: (E)

4. Eyes opening spontaneously
3. Eye opening to speech
2. Eye opening to pain
1. No eye opening or response

Best verbal response: (V)

5. Smiles, oriented to sounds, follows objects, interacts
4. Cries but consolable, inappropriate interactions
3. Inconsistently inconsolable, moaning
2. Inconsolable, agitated
1. No verbal response

Best motor responses: (M)

6. Infant moves spontaneously or purposefully
5. Infant withdraws from touch
4. Infant withdraws from pain
3. Abnormal flexion to pain for an infant (decorticate response)
2. Extension to pain (decerebrate response)
1. No motor response

Score  12 suggests a severe head injury. Score < 8 suggests need for intubation and ventilation. Score  6 suggests need for intracranial pressure monitoring.